Spring Color Trends 2020

Spring Color Trends 2020: What’s Fresh for Spring?

A new year and a new decade have inspired new trends in paint colors. With the arrival of spring we are inspired to think about changes: refreshing the bedroom, smartening up the outdated powder room, adding a pop of color to an all-white kitchen.

Pantone’s Color of the Year is Classic Blue

Color of the Year 2020
Pantone Colors

It is a dark, clean, classic blue. Pantone colors are used not only in Graphic and Industrial design, but they also influence fashion, home furnishings and paint colors.

Benjamin Moore’s Pick for 2020 is First Light

Spring Color Trends 2020

It’s a soft, lovely pinky beige. It has been identified as one of the colour trends for the new decade. Many of the new trends for 2020 center around “softness.” Soft lighting, softer lines in furniture, and softer metallic colours like rose gold.

Farrow & Ball’s New Color By Nature Collection

Color by nature collection

Farrow & Ball’s new Color By Nature Collection has 16 new vibrant colors inspired by nature: yellows, reds, orange, and stunning greens and blues. This collection came together in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London, England. This spring the colors will also be available in their exterior paint line.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year is Naval

Color of the year 2020

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year is Naval, a rich navy blue that feels calm and confident. Sherwin Williams describes Naval as “bringing navy out of its comfort zone to usher in an empowering new year and fresh decade of change.”

How To Use The Spring Color Trends 2020

All of the above colors evoke a very specific “feel”, so when you choose the room you are planning to paint, think about how you want it to feel. Or how you want to feel in that room.

  • A bedroom done in First Light would feel very soft, feminine and calm.
  • The powder room painted in the striking Naval, accented with gold, would create an inspired guest experience.
  • Adding any of the Color By Nature colors to an all-white room would add vibrancy and warmth.

There is a wonderful range of new paint colors to choose from. So be bold, embrace the idea of change, and get ready for an inspired Spring!

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