Planning An Outdoor Living Space

Planning An Outdoor Living Space

Planning an outdoor living space is just what the doctor ordered to bring us out of difficult times and back into the healing energies of nature. The last 2 months of COVID-19 self-isolation have kept up indoors, looking out. Longingly. Here in Alberta, March and April brought us more snow than spring showers, however, it looks like we may have turned a corner. The weather is warming up and I discovered my first hillside crop of crocuses.

Planning An Outdoor Living Space

The crocus, with its lovely soft mauve petals and sunny yellow interior, smiling like the sun, has always been, for me, the first wildflower to welcome spring. My daily solo walks have me longing to spend more time outside.

Over the past few months, we have decluttered, organized, cleaned out, sorted and reorganized our homes. Now it’s time to bring some of the outside in and start making plans for outdoor spaces as well.

The Victoria Day long weekend has typically been the time (May 24) when we start our spring planting in this part of the world. To help you get into the planting mindset, here are 5 timely ideas for planning an outdoor living space, and to bring nature indoors as well.

5 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Living Space

  • Open your windows – Freshen the interior of your home with fresh springs breezes. As the weather warms up, take the time to clean the windows (yet another spring project) to get a sparkling view of the world as it begins to green up.
  • Plan you backyard or patio garden & flower schemes – our local garden centre, Anything Grows, has a complete online selection of annual flowers, perennials, shrubs, vegetables, and hanging baskets. You can shop and order online and then get curbside pickup or delivery when your order is ready. This is a perfect solution to get started with outdoor gardening while still observing physical distancing.
  • Outdoor Furniture – take a close look at your patio furniture. Does it need a good cleaning or sprucing up with new paint? Or is it time to replace a few pieces? A new colorful umbrella, seat cushions, and an outdoor area rug, along with coordinated flower pots and containers can breathe new life into a tired back deck.
  • Outside-In – while you are waiting to plan outdoors, you can bring the outside in by starting a herb garden in the kitchen. Lovely pots and handmade plant markers for basil, rosemary, lavender, and mint, will create a mini indoor garden with the sights and scents that say summer is coming.
  • Biophilic Design – Biophilia: people who are innately drawn to nature. This is exactly what we have been discussing. Designer and architects utilize biophilic design principles to reconnect people with nature. Direct elements such as natural lighting, fresh air, plants and greenery, and indirect elements such as wood and stone interior materials and paint colours in greens and blues, are all examples of biophilic design. (Stay tuned for more on creating healthy environments in our homes in my next blog post.)

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