7 Tips for the Best Way to Use Green In Your Home

7 Tips for the Best Way to Use Green In Your Home

As human beings we are innately drawn to NATURE. It’s part of our DNA. We become aware and thrilled by the changing of seasons. Therefore, June is a special month as the nature around us bursts forth with the arrival of a new season and bright yellow-greens in abundance. Greens that have been dormant for so long we almost forget their vibrant color. It’s no wonder that we want to introduce this living, beautiful color into our homes!

We thrive in environments with natural lighting, fresh air, plants and greenery. Seeing nature makes us feel better. We use natural design elements like wood, stone, and paint in soft greens and blues to remind us of the nature around us.

So…what is the best way to use green in your home?

So often I have clients ask me how to use green in their interior decorating. I get questions like, isn’t green hard to work with? How do I get the right shade of green? What do I pair it with? Does it go with my existing finishes?

And so, in honor of the changing season, celebrating the long awaited energetic greens of summer, here are my 7 tips for the best way to use green in your home.

7 Tips For The Best Way To Use Green In Your Home

  • What does it feel like? Green is the colour of harmony and balance. When I describe for you various greens such as Seafoam, Celadon, Teal, Eucalyptus, Leaf, Aloe, Emerald, Sage, Aqua, Lime and Pine, each of those will create a FEELING for you. Think how you want to feel in a certain room or space. Soft sage green will bring calm and softness to a room. Turquoise green exudes an element of the exotic. Bright apple green adds vibrancy and freshness to any space. How you want to feel in your home is the starting point to choosing the right shade of green.
  • What do I pair it with? White and green, for example, gives a crisp, fresh feel for new upholstery on a chair. Green’s compliment is red (although you only need a little bit to create interest and not end up with a Christmas theme). A soft sage green and a delicate pink are lovely in a child’s room. Blues work beautifully with green as they sit next to each other on the colour wheel and blend well. Also, different shades of green also work wonderfully together!
  • Wallpaper Murals – now is a fabulous time to check out the mural-like, oversized prints in fabulous greens! Head on over to Prime Walls (through a designer) to look through wall coverings such as Whimsical Landscapes by artist Robert De Clerck. Kravet Inc. (also through a designer) is another source of beautiful murals that can create a natural oasis in your home. Here are a few other gorgeous wall covering products:
  • DIY Wallcovering – Maybe you would like to try a mural on a budget and install it yourself. Give it a try in the guest bedroom, create a new look on an old piece of furniture, and you could try Peel & Stick wallcovering – you can order these on Amazon. How fun! Be bold, use great big green murals for a focal point in any room.
  • Upholstery – Time to purchase a new sofa? What about Reupholstering your favorite chair? Upholstery fabrics come in much more than neutral grey. Can you see deep rich velvet in emerald green on a sofa called the Duchess? Think fresh clean cotton stripes, natural linens, prints, paisley and plaid. Designers are your source for unique fabric selections that make your home an expression of you!
  • Accents – Artwork, think large, contemporary, abstract prints with vibrant greens to liven a contemporary dining room. Perhaps soft, pale greens with pink or taupe for quieter rooms like the bedroom or baby’s room.
  • Accessories – Imagine a day at the lake or the ocean and how the sky and water meld together in the sunlight. You can create that same look at home using green and blue glass vases, bowls or jars. And of course, plants! Large and small in unique, antique or contemporary containers or urns. These accents are some of the ways you can enjoy the glorious greens in your home.

How To Choose Paint Color

Choosing and committing to a paint color can be overwhelming. With the help of an interior designer, we can guide you through the process so you’re confident with your color choice and happy with the outcome.

If you have any questions this month about using color in your interior design projects, contact us and we can go over the many ways to incorporate your favorite colors throughout your home.

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